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The Siren Song of the GOP and Various Gooberlets

  • The Sirens of the GOP!Who can resist the siren song of the Republican party these days? Consider the sideshow in the Senate that is Crazy Jim Bunning, holding up an extension of unemployment benefits out of sheer Gibbons-esque nuttiness. Add to that our own Dean Heller calling the unemployed “hobos.” How could anyone possibly resist voting straight Republican this year? What a clever philosophy: first, you create a recession (granted, with the whole-hearted support of Democrats) by removing regulation keeping nutty-professors from developing weird-ass financial monstrosities which implode the economy, and then you blame those who suffer most from the chaos to get votes from the trust-fund set. Brilliant!
  • Okay, okay. Sirens are bird-women, not fish-farts. So, bite me. As a Nevada Republican, I get to fudge facts.
  • The Nevada Supremes heard arguments yesterday as to whether we get to read the e-mails we taxpayers bought and paid for which where sent to and from the Gube during that texting thing. (AP)
  • The Gibbers-unrelated supreme Mark Gibbons apparently made the silliest remark at the hearing: he “expressed concern that under [Reno Gazette's attorney] Glogovac’s proposal, bloggers and nonmainstream members of the news media might clog up government business by constantly requesting e-mail and cell phone text messages.” (LVRJ) Setting aside the grotesque attack on the non-MSM, perhaps the good judge should re-read the Freedom of Information Act, which allows anyone to request docs from the Feds, no just folks at the New York Times.
  • Don’t miss Tucker Carlson’s scientific assessment that after putatively foregoing sex for 15 years, Jim Gibbons should be dead. (Hill)
  • Gibbons makes king fool on Foolocracy, but we knew that already. (Foolocracy)
  • Despite the new Gibbons’ juggernaut, Mr. Sandoval signs up to lose the primary. (SoS)

Then there’s the stuff you’ll hear on Gibbons’ recent visit to Pate to Pate:

  • You’ll discover Gibbons basic and oh-so enthralling philosophy: Minimize expectations.
  • Jon Ralston Interviews Jim GibbonsYou’ll learn that the erratic Mr. Gibbons has never changed his basic philosophy, except that he’s contradicted the very idea of his own 2/3rd’s supermajority requirement in the Legislature for new taxes by saying a majority of Nevada voters are now needed in addition to that supermajority to support a tax increase, unless, of course, Mining, Gaming, or the Chamber are agin it.
  • You’l see what fun it is to rub Gibbons’ nose in his own “education first” rhetoric.
  • You’ll enjoy the double entendre of watching Gibbons admit he’s a product of Nevada public schools.
  • Gibbons appears almost giddy at times. And why shouldn’t he? The Re-elect Gibbons Special Session has achieved its main goal: make Gibbons look re-electable.
  • Most fun of all, though, was the occasional, pained WTF? looks that would pass across Ralston’s pate during the interview.
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2 comments to The Siren Song of the GOP and Various Gøøberlets

  • Heller?
    There is hope.


    As a citizen activist in his state, Dehne has spoken at more
    than a thousand public meetings to expose wrongful actions
    perpetrated by public officials.

    As a cadet at the Air Force Academy, Dehne swore to support and
    defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    Dehne took this oath to heart and has never forgotten it.
    He states that he has run into more domestic enemies than foreign.

    Sam Dehne, a registered Democrat, has lived in Nevada for
    more than 43 years. He graduated from the United States Air Force
    Academy in 1962. Dehne spent 5 years flying B-52 bombers in the
    Air Force before becoming a pilot with Pan American World Airways
    in 1967 ~ while also flying F-101 and F-4 fighters in the Air National Guard.

    Dehne retired from the military and has spent the last 15 years as the
    most-vocal political watchdog of Reno, Sparks, and Carson City, Nevada.

    Dehne’s ubiquitous presence at government podiums throughout
    northern Nevada has made him a household name and has
    endeared him to the citizenry… but not to the bureaucrats.
    The public officials he oversees dare not try to stop…

    (We just filed the papers today.)

    Sam 3/3/10