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The Guv Loves Sending Letters to the Attorney General

Colonel Jim Gibbons of the Nevada Rebel Airforce, “Teabagger” Squadron, has replied to the reply of the Attorney General to his nutty idea to frivolously sue the US over the new Health Care Plan. You may read it here: Gibbons Letter to AG Masto 2010-03-25.

Gibbons insists that the law suit is not frivilous because other state leaders are nutty enough to sign onto the idea.

The healthcare legislation presents a question of federal power versus states’ power – this is a second-year law school analysis. I understand your concern about spending public funds for frivolous lawsuits. However, the lawsuit initiated by fourteen (14) other attorneys general is hardly frivolous. You also expressed a concern that the lawsuit may have been initiated for political reasons because some of those attorneys general are candidates for election. I am informed that some of those attorneys generals are indeed running for an election. However, many are running unopposed. Further, this is not a partisan endeavor as two of those attorneys general are democrats.

Pursuant to NRS 228.170, please consider this letter directive for you to make a final determination by close of business day on Monday, March 29, 2010 as to whether you will join in the ongoing healthcare lawsuit. I have been advised that the reconciliation process should be completed by that time. (Emphasis added.)

I was especially convinced by the “second year law school analysis.” I always entrust complex legal matters to second year law students, don’t you?

Say, I wonder how many attorneys general opposed the Emancipation Proclamation? Hmm. There were thirteen Confederate states. Oh, only one short if”n you don’t throw in border states and the New Mexico territory!

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1 comment to The Guv Loves Sending Letters to the Attorney General

  • This latest law suit is based on the theory that the Commerce Clause only gives congress power to regulate commerce…and people who don’t have health insurance simply don’t want to participate in commerce and are hence outside the purview of the Commerce Clause.

    Here is how poor this theory is:

    If this legal principle actually holds up (God forbid), then the Civil Rights Act is invalidated as well. The Civil Rights Act prohibits businesses who “don’t want to do business” with certain minorities, from doing so. So like the Health Care Bill, it regulates commerce that isn’t happening yet, and further, it requires it to happen.

    I love your articles and this whole concept of a website. This line was especially hilarious.

    “Nevada Rebel Airforce,”Teabagger” squadron…”

    Where do you come with this stuff? lol