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Stuff I’d Like to Hear on the Dawn and Harry Show

George and Gracie and Dawn and HarrSo, news is out that Dawn Gibbons, still married to Nevada governor Jim Gibbons despite his best efforts to end the horror, will be hosting a radio talk show and that her first guess will be Gibbers’ nemesis Harry Reid. (INP)

You’ll be able to listen to the show tomorrow morning at 7am on KBZZ/1270 AM.

Still, there are a few things I’d really like to hear Dawn talk about, that we probably won’t be hearing, like:

  • What’s her version of Jimbo’s story about 15 sexless years? Did he think, perhaps, that wives of friends don’t “count”? Or did he simply confuse sex with attending LDS services?
  • Who really paid for the tickets on the Trepp boat? It was Dina Titus, wasn’t it?
  • Did Dawn ever see her husband breathlessly dragging a giant bag of poker chips during the cruise? Or maybe see him stuffing them under the twin beds?
  • And who really talked Gibbons into wearing that napkin hat?  Come on–it really was Bob Uithoven, wasn’t it?
  • Who paid for the tickets on the Ozmen Turkey tour? It was Harry Reid, wasn’t it?
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1 comment to Stuff I’d Like to Hear on the Dawn and Harry Show

  • ScandalPerson, 3/31
    Thank you for your “intrepid” investigating.
    One of these days.. maybe..
    You and I could put on a much more interesting radio show.
    But that “radio station” could never pay us what we’re worth.