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Jim Gibbons Wants Less Efficient State Government

Yes, really. From the Ely trip we read:

Change, [Gibbons] said, is inevitable. The state government he envisions will be a smaller, less efficient, less bureaucratic government.

And that’s good thing in his book; for it means less spending. (ElyTimes, emphasis added)

Yes, it’s yet another Gibbons WTF? moment. I thought the point of smaller government was that it was supposed to more efficient than bad old big governments. You know, like private companies are said to be “more efficient” because they twist and turn in the winds of the free market.

Of course, that efficiency is a myth. Elementary economics tell us that corporations will tend to become monopolistic without government intervention, and thus very inefficient.

No doubt it’s another slip of the brain for Gibbons. Unless his new campaign slogan is: “Vote for Less Efficient Government! Vote Jim!” Has a goofy, gibbonsesque ring to it, don’t it?

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