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He's Right...of Just About Everything

On the day after America’s own version of Kristallnacht, Jim Gibbons sends out yet another campaign missive, and one not posted on official Nevada stationary for a change, telling us how right his is:

Right for Nevada Then, Right for Nevada Now!

Providing the leadership and fiscal responsibility we need during these tough times. We’ve always been able to rely on him.

Taxpayers can’t afford a Democrat or any other liberal.  We need Jim Gibbons as Governor. He kept his promise to fight higher taxes and he’ll keep fighting for you! Jim Gibbons will never surrender to the tax and spenders!  Jim Gibbons is no quitter.  His opponents are unreliable, unproven and inexperienced.  Jim knows what to do because he’s done it before.

Nevada government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Jim Gibbons gets it; tax and spend liberals don’t!

The 2011 Legislature will have to wrestle with a budget deficit estimated at over $3 billion. Jim Gibbons is the only person capable as Governor to stand up for Nevadans against those who are set to pass the third record setting tax increase in less than a decade. Please stand with Jim and protect our working families from the fiscal burdens of expanding state spending.

Jim Gibbons gave his word to hold the line on taxes and spending. Jim Gibbons kept his word. We need to re-elect Governor Gibbons!

Yawn! Oh, sorry. It’s just all rather forced, don’t you think? Just the sort of boilerplate one could plagiarize from anywhere.
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