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He Amazes With His Attention Span

Jim Gibbons Has An Attention SpanWell, wasn’t that an exhausting Nevada Napkin Hat Day? So many exciting things happening!

The main event, of course, was the official sign-up of Jim Gibbons for his gubernatorial run. I’m sure the excitement at the sign-in could barely be contained and the Carson election office was packed!

No other elected official was there to support [Gibbons]. No family, big donors or supporters to cheer as he signed the paperwork launching his re-election bid. (Sun)

Oh. Well. I’m sure everybody was just busy. You know. Looking for work or something.

Not to worry, though, because now we have the New Gibbons! Tanned–well maybe not tanned–rested and ready to run. Why the New Gibbons is even “surprising his staff with his attention span.”

Yes, I guess it would surprise anyone to find Gibbons paying attention to state matters. From a Governor, no less. Who knew?

And look at all the other stuff that happened on Nevada Napkin Hat Day!

  • What better way to mark the beginning of the re-elect Gibbons campaign than a veto! Gibbons vetoed the four-day work week despite the fact that he proposed the legislation and he plans to institute the very same plan through administrative sleight-of-hand. (RJ) Now, don’t dwell on the fact that that all seems to entail that the Special Session wasn’t needed. Of course it was needed: to give Gibbons serious face time in front of the electorate when he doesn’t have money for ads.
  • The Gibbons Re-election strategy is, to tell the truth, rather frightening. Gibbons plans to “run hard, make lots of speeches, shake as many hands as I can.” (INP) I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’d do anything to keep Gibbons from making another speech or shaking another hand. Why, I’d even vote for him. See? Brilliant, ain’t it?
  • Let’s just hope the New Gibbons doesn’t burn out! We read: “I know I haven’t had a day off now in about a month,” Gibbons said. “It takes a lot of work. Takes a lot of work outside of the view of you the media. Even I was surprised by the amount of work it requires to be governor.” (INP) Gee, I’m sure all those folks who didn’t have a day off this month sure can sympathize.
  • The spin over why the Governor spent the first three years of his administration in a gaffe-laced fog was entertaining in today’s wrap-up of the sign-in. (Sun) It’s all Dawn’s fault, we learn. Yes, it’s all her fault for forcing Jim to initiate the divorce despite the fact that, if his story of 15-years of a lust-less marriage is true, he was quite content with marriage in name only until recently.
  • Best pic of Gibbons ever over here.
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