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Harry Reid on Gibbons’ Frivolous Lawsuit

Press release from the office of one Harry Reid:

Washington, DCSpokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Jon Summers, released the following statement today in response to Jim Gibbons’ push to sue the federal government after the President signed health care reform into law:

“It’s shameful that Jim Gibbons is pulling out all the stops to block the new health care law that would improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Nevadans. Despite a state unemployment rate of 13 percent, Gibbons is fighting to preserve taxes on 24,000 Nevada small businesses.  He’s fighting to keep open the donut hole for 58,000 seniors who can’t afford to pay their prescription drugs.  And he’s fighting against the very freedoms—Nevadans’ right to health care options—that he claims to support.

“Instead of ‘protecting and securing the interests’ of Nevada, the Governor is using taxpayer dollars to push a frivolous lawsuit in hopes of making a political statement.  Gibbons should spend less time texting an attorney running for public office about taking on his case and more time finding ways to help struggling Nevadans; actually reading the jobs bill that Senator Reid led to passage last week would be a good way to start.”

Gibbons sent out a letter to the AG this morning that she’s just gotta sue Fed Gov over the new Health Care Bill. (Sun) Though…even a former Gibbers’ employee doesn’t think so. (OfNoteNV)

And you’d think Gibbons and Harry were running against each other for the same office, wouldn’t ya, from the constant exchanges of fire between the two….

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