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Gibbons Vetoes Self

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons plans to defy nature and logic this week when he vetoes a bill which he himself proposed and supported during the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session. (RGJ,Sun)

Apparently the bill was so poorly vetted by the Gube’s crack staff/re-election committee that they decided that their own idea of forcing every office in the state, including the DWV, into a four hour week was a bad idea.

Of course, there may be a few other things at play here, too. Namely, that Gibbons is suddenly not getting any press because nobody really cares what he’s doing when there’s no special session to fret about. Plus, he’s got no money for ads during the primary. So, why not veto a bill that he plans to use administrative gimmikry to institute anyway in order to generate a little press?

Timed the press release just when Rory Reid was signing up to run for Guv, too.

Plus, no doubt, he probably really, really wanted to try out the new veto stamp.

Meanwhile, a new poll indicates that the RIRO strategy is probably the way to go for the Rory Reid campaign. Reid can beat Gibbons, but not Sandoval, sayeth the poll. (Ras) However, Gibbons may be able to beat Sandoval in the primary cuz Sandoval’s just too normal for the GOP core.

In fact, the Reid campaign should look into contributing a couple hundred grand to the Gøøber. Seems like a good investment.

Mark your calendars! Thursday is Napkinhat Day! Rumor has it that Gibbons will be signing up for the election on March 11. Everyone is urged to wear a napkinhat to work to mark the event.

Got this from the Gibbons campaign just now:

Jim Gibbons, the Governor we can’t afford to lose!

In this time of economic challenge, we need a governor who can be relied upon to keep taxes in check and show leadership when it counts! When the Special Session hit an impasse, Governor Jim stepped up and brokered a deal.

His plan to cut the tax burden of higher education while maintaining the quality of education shows how our problems can be solved.  As he tackles each one of Nevada’s issues, we can rest easy, knowing that we are in the best possible hands.

Huh. Nothing there about him creating the impasse with veto threats and “no taxes” rhetoric. And isn’t “cut the tax burden of higher education” such a nice way to say “gutting the universities”?

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