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Gibbons Ignores Another State Law

Our Revolutionary LeaderJim Gibbons is ignoring a state law passed by the legislature last year that designated March 31st as an official state holiday celebrating the accomplishments of legendary labor leader César Chávez, Andrew Barbano noted in an email.

Ruben Kihuen (D-Las Vegas) Assemblyguy and State Senator-wannabe, successfully guided AB 301 through the legislature. The legislation requires that March 31st be marked as a “commemorative” state holiday, which means state employees don’t get a paid day off.

But hey, surely they’ve got another unpaid furlough coming up they could use that day, don’t they?

Gibbons, however, no doubt exhausted by the few days he actually worked during the special session, has failed to follow state law and declare the day a state holiday.

Somebody wake him up and tell him that this is the sort of thing that the Hispanic voters he used to woo might like.

Unless…maybe our new revolutionary teabagging goob doesn’t want to offend the core by reaching out to Latinos anymore–especially via a figure like Chávez who is so closely tied with unAmerican stuff like worker’s rights. Might offend the anti-immigration crowd, too.

So, who’s gonna call the Sheriff to arrest the Guv? Any volunteers?

[UPDATE: The official proclamation has appeared online at the Guv's website, dated the 30th of March, 2010. Better late than never?

Party over at Big League Park:

WHAT: Nevada's First Official Observance of César Chávez Day
WHERE: 3151 E. Washington, Las Vegas, NV
WHEN: 5:30-7pm Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ]

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