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Gibbons Hopes Sideshow in Searchlight Will Morph Campaign

Vegas folks will be crawling over each other, no doubt, to attend Jim Gibbons’ pre-Sideshow in Searchlight pre-Teabagging event on Friday over at Lakeside Charlie’s.

You can go over to Facebook and let him know you’re not coming, if you want to.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Like most members of the Nevada GOP, he’s kind of wishing he wasn’t. They all seem to despise their own party so much that they want to join that new one called the Tea Party.

Yet, oddly enough, they also despise anyone, like that poor Ashjian feller, who goes out and does just that. (LATimes) Apparently, you’re a traitor to the party if you admit out loud what everybody’s really thinking.

Anyways, it looks like the Gibbons’ plan to perform a Reverse Gregor Samsa has a lot to do with his pretending to be Palin.

Those of you headed out to Searchlight this weekend have my sympathies, and please be especially nice to the poor fools stuck in the Gib-bus from Carson City. Say, they could probably do with some health care by the time they make the Showdown.

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