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Failed Mining Lawyer Says Nevada Has “Rock Solid” Case Against Health Care Law

JIm Gibbons Wants Your Notoriously Fickle Vote!And that non-barred lawyer would be the failed governor of Nevada. Listen to the Gube on the radio over here. Of course, it’s on a radio show which “absolutely agrees” with the guv, who doesn’t like to talk to mainstream media.

Don’t miss the caller asking the Gube to declare “sovereignty” for Nevada. That’s where states pass pointless legislation saying that the Constitution has a 10th amendment.

Enjoy the guv’s and the GOP’s sudden rediscovery of the Constitution, too, after that party passed stuff like the Patriot Act and set up the prison in Guantanamo Bay and got rid of that pesky Habeas Corpus stuff. It’s all teabagger inspired, by the way since the guv would never have come up with this crap on his own.

[UPDATE: The AG is fighting back:

“It appears from your letter that the health care reform debate has been the main focus of your office since last December. Well, that has not been mine,” Cortez Masto writes. She goes on to remind the governor that she’s suing to allow the state to keep the $62 million it swiped from Southern Nevada’s Clean Water Coalition during the recent special session, as wells as defending Gibbons from a lawsuit filed by the Reno Gazette-Journal seeking the governor’s e-mails, not to mention that other lawsuit alleging Gibbons transferred an employee when she reported his personal use of a state-owned cell phone to text one of the governor’s special friends.

Damn, she is busy. (Slashpolitics)]

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