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Don’t Tempt Him

A teabagger-wannabe Independent candidate for Nevada Gube wants our governor to join the faux-find Barack Obama’s never-missing birth certificate movement. One Gino Disimone, who has indeed signed up for the guv run, recently wrote an extensive and painful missive to the Post and E-mail, a website devoted to the amusingly pointless task of trying to prove that the president was actually born in Bosnia or someplace like that and hence ineligible, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, to serve as commander in chief. Mr. Disimone wants our fair guv to, among other things:

File (directly from the Governor of Nevada) a legal challenge, Quo Warranto (D.C. Statute 35 §16-3501), on the eligibility and authority of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, a/k/a BARRY SOETORO requiring exacting legal proof of the specific constitutionally defined and required form, such that he is eligible to be President and has constitutionally granted Presidential signature authority of the legal and correct form – not withstanding substitute documents are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

All of this certainly proves Mr. Simione to be a worthy replacement to Mr. Gibbons, assuming, of course, that Mr. Simione can promise all sorts of sexual indiscretions in addition to his Gibbons-like ability to parrot right-wing talking points. Still, Mr. Simione may have defeated his purpose, because should Gibbons take his advice, it might just provide the sort of attractive nectar the busy bees of the Nevada nutwing love, thus propelling Gibbons into the general, to be defeated soundly by Mr. Reid in November.

That’s all assuming, of course, that Mr. Reid ever gets around to publishing one of the little booklets that addresses the current budget crisis.

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