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Desperately Seeking Attention

Run! Governor Teabag Jim Gibbons has a sharp implement!Now that the glory days of the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session are behind it, as are the joys of vetoing legislation it supported, the cash-strapped and inherently uninteresting Re-up the Gube campaign/gov staff is frantically scrounging for ways to get the Guv in front of the cameras so as to remain before the tired eyes of fickle Nevada voters.

Unable to rely on the record of the Gibber’s accomplishments over the last three years–for there have to first be some accomplishments before they can be recorded–the campaign has decided to follow in the footsteps of the Confederacy and other failed state’s rights movements. Like those who opposed the Emancipation Proclamation, Social Security, and Civil Rights’ legislation, Jim Gibbons has decided to oppose the gu’ment of the United States over the recently passed health care legislation.

Lacking the cajones to order the state militia into full-bore rebellion against the Union, or to stand all George Wallace like at doors of the local clinic shooing away the uninsured, Jim Gibbons has resorted to the meanest, most vile political tool, at least in the opinion of the Gube hisself: the dreaded frivolous lawsuit. (RJ,Sun)

Still, won’t we miss the honeyed words of the faux-enraged Gibbons, as he heats up his tepid rhetoric against his enemy-of-the-moment? Such classics as:

“The Reid/Pelosi health plan is sick.”


“What if the federal government forced you to buy a car or a television set then threatened you with IRS fines if you didn’t obey? That’s what they are doing with this health care debacle, the federal government has no right to force anyone to buy health insurance and the federal government has no business butting in to the relationship between a patient and their doctor.”

All lovingly plagiarized no doubt from tea-bagger-wannabe talking points e-mailed from the hyper-ventilating inside-the-beltway GOP noise machine as it blindly gropes to find some issue actually relevant to the majority of Americans.

Surely there was a typo in that last quote. There’s already something sitting between a patient and their doctor: the fat oily presence of the insurance company which requires, nay, forces, its generous cut from the “relationship” so that it can pay management those nice hefty bonuses.

I’m sure they are all sitting in their hot tubs toasting their fair protector with expensive Scotch: our very own Jim Gibbons of Nevada. Thank you for looking out for your primary constituency, Jim!

Well, if this all gets too overwhelming, I suppose one could go Punch the Guv!

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