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Deputy Attorney General Likes Closed Meetings

Nevada DAG George Taylor claims that the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Blue Ribbon Panel Covering Up All Lack of Educational Reform committee doesn’t have to have open meetings. He says they don’t have to be open because the committee doesn’t expend any public money

The Nevada American Civil Liberties Union still disagrees, tho:

Maggie McLetchie, the group’s interim Southern Nevada director, said Wednesday that Taylor’s interpretation is wrong.

“The task force does not have to expend dollars to be subject (to the open meeting law),” she said. “It just has to advise an entity that does. The proclamation establishing it directs it to create recommendations for the Legislature and the governor, both of which spend dollars.” (RJ)

Really? The Governor spends money? Do they know that in Incline Village?

While they’re at it, they may want to ask how much it would cost the state to sue the U.S. over the health care bill. (RG) Is that how a fiscal conservative spends state funds in a time of crisis? Wouldn’t the AG’s time and money be better spent catching crooks or something?

Meanwhile, Nevada makes the Socialist–the real Socialist–press:

With the economy of the state of Nevada in freefall, Republican Governor Jim Gibbons and the Democratic-controlled legislature are placing the burden of the crisis firmly on the backs of the working class. Nevada already suffers the highest foreclosure rate in the country and the second-highest rate of unemployment, second only to Michigan. (WSWS)

Sigh. You know, back in the real Depression, they not only had far-right nutwings like Nazis, but real live left-wingers like Communists and Socialists, too.

Our pitiful little Recession. All we get is tea parties.

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