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By All That’s Holy, Ms. AG, Don’t Give Him Your Phone Number!

Unwanted Text Message from Jim GibbonsNow, I was under the impression that Attorney General Cortez-Masto was holding her own in the dust-up between her and Gube Jim Gibbons, who is trying to force her to file the frivolous law suit against the new health care law.

Why, look what she said yesterday in response to his latest vitriolic attack:

Masto’s wrote Friday she didn’t care for Gibbons’ implication her office has dawdled in researching legal options. She said her office has been preoccupied defending Gibbons in myriad cases, including a challenge to the Gibbons-approved state budget, a suit from a former state employee who alleges Gibbons fired her in violation of her civil rights and a case related to Gibbons’ use of a state-owned computer for personal e-mail. (RJ)

You know, trial lawyers don’t usually support Gibbons, who, ever the GOP talking-point talking head, occasionally yammers against them for pushing frivolous lawsuits. But, you know, given all the business he’s been generating for them, especially through the legal defense slush fund, maybe they should rethink their stance. Especially now, when he could use a lot of help getting past the primary and into the general.

But, anyways, after her slick response to the Gube’s election-year motivated goofiness, the AG makes a truly terrible mistake. Notice how she closes her most recent missive to the Guv:

“And by the way, the phone does ring in my office.”

Now, granted, she’s just trying to keep the Gube from using up all the official stationary sending her letters, but, please, Ms. Cortez Masto, don’t do it! Don’t ever give out your phone number to text-crazy Gibbons! You’ll be inundated with grotesque little love texts, now!

Meanwhile: Nobody else pays the Gube any attention. (Sun) And the Re-elect Gibbons Blue Ribbon Committee on Education still plans secret sessions in defiance of the open meeting law. At least if they don’t change their story again. (RJ)

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