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A Reason to Believe Again...In Something Or Other...Maybe

Brian Sandoval’s put out a rather dull radio ad, trying to convince us to elect him Gube. Well, not us so much as Nevada businesses who hate roads and schools and stuff like that.

The ad does go on about how Nevada is embarrassed by someone or something never mentioned in the ad by name. Oh, but we know who that is, don’t we? Why, who could think the word embarrassing without conjuring the face of Jim Gibbons? Nobody in Nevada, I bet!

Still, the Sandovalistas just don’t get it. Sandoval can go on and on about honor and integrity and so forth all the way into June but, I’m sorry, that’s just not what us Nevada Republicans really want. Honor and integrity have never, ever been selling points for Gibbons. Nevada Republicans just want somebody who really hates gu’ment, just like Jim, and that Sandoval guy just ain’t got the Gu’ment destroying creds of a Jim Gibbons. Nobody can destroy a gu’ment like Jim.

Sorry, Brian. You just don’t got what Jimbo’s got. Why, nobody’s got what Jimbo’s got, for that matter.

As for everyone else in the state, trying to sell yourself with empty promises of honor and integrity while doing a Gibbons’ impression won’t convince them you’re a worthy candidate at all.

Why would anyone want to replace Gibbons with Gibbons’ Lite?

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