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When It Comes to Recycling Trash, Nobody Beats Gibbons

Jim Gibbons Recycles ChronyismHow is it that one Gibbons’ idea always reminds us of the all the other nutty Gibbons’ ideas?

Take for example Gibbons’ plan to require that 75% of Nevada’s garbage be recycled or used for energy. Sounds all green and hippie and 21st century, don’t it? Why, it sounds like something a liberal might think of: including the part of instituting a mandate to make everybody comply, all big government-like.

Well, all of you a-feared that Gibbons is about to join the Green Party and that the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are on the way can just relax. Gibbons is supporting the idea for the most Republican of reasons: it benefits folks that give generously to the Re-elect the Gube Fund.

Gibbons’ sudden interest in recycling surprised many observers when he first mentioned the goal in an October speech. He delivered the speech shortly after returning from a private trip with friend and campaign contributor Chip Bowlby.

Bowlby introduced Gibbons to Chip Murray, vice president of Green Waste Recovery Inc., which operates a waste diversion plant in San Jose. The company is one of the bidders on a contract to build what Gibbons hopes is a model waste diversion plant in Carson City. The plant would sort garbage, removing recyclable and other valuable material to minimize what ends up in the landfill. [...]

Bowlby and Gibbons are long-time friends. He’s a contributor to Gibbons’ campaigns, giving $500 last year. Bowlby also was on the cruise with Gibbons and Reno businessman Warren Trepp that, in part, sparked an FBI investigation into whether Gibbons accepted improper gifts from Trepp that ended in November 2008 found no wrong-doing by the governor. [sic] (RGJ)

Jeez, only $500? As time goes on, Gibbons’ cronies get cheaper and cheaper.

The article goes on to note, as usual, that no one is quite sure who paid for the plane trip.

And I’m absolutely certain that the reporter really meant to say, in that mangled final sentence marked [sic], that it was Jim Gibbons’ attorney Abbé Lowell who told us that the FBI found no wrongdoing by the governor. Unless someone has heard otherwise, I don’t believe there’s been any official word from the Bureau.

Anyways, folks in the garbage biz and Democrats–I’m assuming that’s not redundant–say the idea could double your garbage bill and even California counties that have been working on recycling a lot longer than Nevada are only near a 50% recycling mark.

I guess doubling the garbage bill doesn’t violate the “no new taxes” thing. It’s not a tax. It’s only a fee, right?

But, hey, what do you expect from another Gibbons’ idea hatched on a junket?

And is anyone else suffering cognitive dissonance over Gibbons’ desire to photograph Nevada citizens in order to make sure they have automobile insurance? (Sun) Does that shrink government somehow? Make it less intrusive?

[UPDATE: Dawn is accusing Jimbo of trying to undermine the divorce settlement. (RGJ)]

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