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What Exactly is a Reverse Samsa?

Ah yes, it’s been a Kafkasque day up in Carson as the Legislators and the Guberator grind out the last few hours–maybe–of the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session. (Sun,Sun)

All in all, the Re-elect Gibbons Special Session seems to have fulfilled its purpose: to give the Gube’s re-election bid a, shall we say, jump?

Indeed, it has prompted, for about the four thousandth time in the Governor’s term, whispers of a Gibbons’ resurrection.

Granted, some of that noise is coming from the knee-jerk righty crowd–the kind that would vote for an ax-murderer just as long as they cut taxes. But even Jon Ralston labels Gibbons metamorphosis from a wannabe Don Juan lying about the gal pal to conciliator as a “reverse Gregor Samsa,” which sounds like some maneuver out of an Olympic Skating Event. (Sun)

I try to picture that to the right.

And while we all stare agog at a Gube, who has decided finally to play the “inside” and “outside” game at the Legislature after three years being AWOL, let’s recall what else we learned about the Governor: that he will lie to the people of Nevada without the least compunction in order to cover his ass.

Remember, he didn’t lie just once to Jonathan Humbert at the Reno Airport, he lied twice.

  • He lied when he said Kathy Karrasch wasn’t on the Vegas to Reno flight.
  • Faced with proof that she had in fact been on that flight, he lied again, saying she had not made the trip the Washington D.C. with him–when she did.

His lying didn’t end there. Chuck Muth will be happy to tell you Gibbons lied about not raising taxes. Gibbons will certainly do that by the time the session ends. Ralston puts it diplomatically, if that word has ever appeared in the same sentence with his name before, when he said the no tax pledge has more fine print than an insurance policy.

The egregiousness of the recent spate of mendacity just raises the question: how often has he lied to us before? He’d lie to save a little face over what may have actually been an innocent trip with a putative old friend. How much more so to cover up an assault, or crossing the line over taking gifts from campaign supporters?

You see, that’s the problem with liars. Once you know they are liars, the only question is: how much?

So, enjoy the new/old Gibbons my friends. Rejoice now in the success of the Re-elect Gibbons Special Session, crassly and pointlessly perpetrated at the expense of the good citizens of Nevada.

Remember, too, that the primary is in June, and Gibbons now faces three months of the sort of freedom of speech those without campaign cash enjoy: that is, basically none. Will we remember the fleeting victories of February after three months of Sandoval and Reid campaign ads?

And for the truly masochistic: the news conference after the budget bill was glued together from KLAS TV.

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