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We Can All Be Proud: He Did Not Throw Up

Jim Gibbons -- Now Loves the Frivolous Lawsuit!Governor Jim Gibbons met the minimal standards of performance originally defined in the gube debates back in 2006 and maintained throughout his first term when giving his deposition down at the court house on Friday. Gibbons after some legal squirming was required to answer questions for four hours from Chrissy Mazzeo’s lawyer as part of her ongoing suit claiming that the Gibbers molested her, and his juiced pals attempted to cover it up.

Gibbons held to the standard of behavior set during the gubernatorial race with Dina Titus. Gibbons thrived on the ultra low expectations set for him in the debates during that race, according to which the then-candidate was awarded a “win” as long as he didn’t throw up on the stage or wet himself in public.

In fact, his attorney in the case alluded to the minimal standard Friday:

“The entire time he maintained his composure, and I’m very proud of him,” said attorney Pat Lundvall, who represents the governor. (RJ)

Yes, his attorney is “proud” he “maintained his composure” as if, perhaps, she were expecting instead a projectile spewing of the governor’s corn flakes on the court’s table accompanied by an unintelligible tirade about taxes, Ronald Reagan, and staring down the gun barrels of a MiG.

Still, the Gube’s a sure winner in the primary if he can maintain those lowered expectations. Indeed most everyone in the state except yours truly and some octogenarians in Fallon and Incline Village have written the governor off already.

Well, just keep those lowered expectations, my friends. Folks will expect Mr. Sandoval to come up with plans to balance budgets and bring jobs back to Nevada, stuff apparently no human being could possibly deliver.

But all Gibbons has to do is show up without throw up, and everyone will sing his praises.

Just give up now, Mr. Sandoval. You’ve already lost.

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