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They Were Afraid He Might Want to Cut Something

Run! Governor Teabag Jim Gibbons has a sharp implement!U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen agreed to move the deposition of the Gøøber in the grope-the-waitress suit to the Lloyd George courthouse today. Apparently the Guv’s attorneys didn’t want to do it in the office of Chrissy Mazzeo’s lawyer because there are all sorts of sharp objects in the room. Given that the Gube’s in one real chop and snip mood these days, everyone was concerned he might grab one of the implements and remove 10%, across-the-board from everyone in the room.

UPDATE: George Knapp is promising a story about “a surprise witness who says she saw evidence of [Gibbers'] affairs with her own eyes” (LVNow)

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1 comment to They Were Afraid He Might Want to Cut Something

    “Having affairs” has nothing to do with being charged with sexual assault. “Affairs” are, generally speaking, semi-legal.
    “Evidence” like that would be non-sequitur and just muddy up this case.
    Now if they could come up with a witness who saw them in the garage.. or who saw them doctoring the video tape.. or who heard conversations about the police covering this up.. that would be something.
    This is not meant to defend something that smelled fishy from the beginning.