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Rory Reid for Governor Campaign Coming Pretty Close to Nor'Town

Tto those of us towards the south of Nor’Town, anyways…

Here’s the press release:

Las Vegas, NV – Rory Reid will attend a house party hosted by Assemblyman Harvey Munford on Friday, January 5, at 6 p.m. near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Washington Street.

Munford, a state assemblyman representing the established neighborhoods of West Las Vegas since 2004, taught Rory ninth grade U.S. history and physical education at Cashman Junior High.

“I’m excited to see one of my former students succeed,” Munford said. “Rory is making education and economic diversity priorities in his important campaign. As a teacher and public official those have also been my top priorities.”

Members of the community are welcome to attend this event. An RSVP for space planning purposes is requested by email to or by calling 1-877-767-9201. The event will be in Munford’s home at 809 Sunny Place in Las Vegas (click for map).

Munford taught in the Clark County School District for more than 36 years and at the College of Southern Nevada for 25 years. He now serves District 6, which includes neighborhoods in West Las Vegas, as well as part of the downtown casino area and the Doolittle Community Center.

Rory Reid is the first candidate to offer a plan that offers solutions for today and a vision for Nevada’s future success. Reid’s vision includes plans for the future of our state’s economy, workforce, education system, energy production and business development.

Copies of the 30-page document — “The Virtual Crossroads: Rory Reid’s Vision for the Future of Nevada” – are available at

I’m guessing they’ll even let in RIROs, like yours truly.

Cross posted from Nor’Town.

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