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Real Nevada Republicans Want to Privatize Education!

Jim GIbbons: Ready for the Primary!Woah. Somebody on the crack taxpayer-funded governor’s executive staff/re-elect the gøøber committee finally added me to the guber e-mail list.

And what a swell e-mail I got! Why it has all those nifty, get out the core ideas you’d expect from the Governor, like a dead-on-arrival call for vouchers!

Why, it even has bullet points!

My [Gibbers'] plan to overhaul the education system begins with these steps:
  • Adopt a statewide voucher system, give parents choice and control, and give school districts more power over the way their funding is allocated.
  • Allow more flexibility in school structure and planning by eliminating local government and school district collective bargaining. This will return control of the education system to parents, students, and school boards in the local communities.
  • Eliminate the elected state Board of Education and replace it with a five member advisory board.  The State Superintendent of Education would be hired by, serve at the pleasure of, and report to the Governor.
  • Streamline K-12 school funding and create empowerment school districts, letting school districts decide where to best put those resources based on their student populations.

Teachers and parents all across Nevada have contacted me and applauded our efforts to find new solutions to old problems.  We can work together with innovation and determination to make Nevada schools a model for the future! (Sun and my e-mail box!)

And don’t forget to put an exclamation point after every tired proposal, including the ancient elephant call for vouchers and a retread of the governor’s empowerment schools proposal from the first SOTS speech in 2007! Empowerment schools was an idea, by the way, which Legislative Democrats embraced!

Of course, it’s all just a repeat from a Gube press release from a month ago! But, still, thanks guys!

Still, the proposals obviously don’t go far enough! If you really want to privatize education, just hand the contract over to somebody like Goldman Sachs or General Motors! They know how to run a bidness!

Also, note another shattering success for the campaign, which is obviously building steam! Over at the campaign site, we’re told that the Governor beat Brian Sandoval in a straw poll of the Clark County GOP!

Yes, it’s true that Gibbons beat Sandoval in the poll, but ex-Norftown mayor Mike Montandon beat them all! What does that tell you about that poll?

Mike Montandon – 34%
Jim Gibbons – 29%
Brian Sandoval – 26%
Undecided – 11% (CCGOP)

But, hey, a sitting Gube came in second! Not bad, given the Gøøber’s real strength is really out in the cow counties!

Nonetheless, us’n RIRO’s are still hopeful! I’m all set for the GOP Precinct meetings this month! I’ve got my registration card and my Gibbons’ vote all set! Just one thing: do we have to provide our own tinfoil hat? Anybody have any fashion pointers about those things? I’ve never been to one before! Does it cost a grand or more to get in? Do you have to wear a tux and a top hat? Maybe a monocle?

And enough with the exclamation points already!!!!

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