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Picture This: Gibbons Could Win!

Jim Gibbons is Ready for Valentine's Day!Huh. That pic musta been took before the divorce diet.

Yep, all us’n Nevada Republicans are giddy after governor Jim Gibbons’ campaign infomercial Monday night! Why, the way the pundits were buzzin’ afterwards, it looks like Gibbons could win, and not just the primary.

Now, it looks like the primaries will be ruled by the more extreme ends of their respective  parties this year. Add to that that the teabaggers in the Republican party have the party by the, well, teabag, then Gibbons looks like a sure-in.

After the infomercial’s I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES irresponsible pandering for votes, what’s Sandoval going to do? Sure, he’s got all that money on the GOP side, but what’s he going to spend it on if he starts attacking Gibbons? I mean, even Democrats agree with I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES, so how’s Sandoval going to differentiate himself from Gibbons? By saying he’s for taxes? That wouldn’t  go well with the core in Incline Village.

After all, as far as they are concerned, “no new taxes” IS a philosophy.

I suppose Sandoval could borrow scandalous screed from disreputable bloggers and George Knapp and go after the Gibbons with that rot, but the risk of engendering Gibbons-sympathy by doing so is real. You see, the Incline Village core really seems to think Gibbons is a nice boy. And he hates government, and nothing gets the core’s plaque encrusted heart pumping more than thinking about how much they hate government, even if it’s paying for the Depends.

So, Gibbons slips through the primary. What next? Well, suppose this is true:

Off-year elections, meaning an election without a presidential race, tend to be lower-turnout affairs, with fewer moderate and undecided voters. These off-year elections are about motivating the party base, rather than appealing to swing voters, who are less likely to show up.

Indications point to a highly motivated Republican Party, driven by antipathy toward President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid, who is up for re-election, and the energy and excitement of the Tea Party movement, as evidenced by the victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts special election. (Sun)

So, the teabaggers get out the vote in November, the Dems sit home feeling sorry for themselves, and swing voters hang themselves in their foreclosed house after feeding their starving kids the pet cat.

End result: Four more years of Gibbons.

Can you picture that? Are you ready for four more years?

The Carson City manse will make an awesome bachelors’ pad–especially after the Gov’s been celibate so long!

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1 comment to Picture This: Gibbons Could Win!

  • texex

    Sandoval really doesn’t have to do a thing but wait for Goober to hand it all to him. The dumbet thing he could do is engage this imbecile in any way on any issue. Cruise control beats damage control every time.