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Outrage Machine Gøøberlets

The Las Vegas Outrage Machine

The pic is just in case you were having trouble picturing what an outrage machine looks like. Yes, a vile and terrible thing it is to see. And hear.


  • Brainless man calls president “heartless” for pointing out the obvious: that the whole point of Vegas is to lure idiots in to blow their wads. (Gube)
  • Same man grudgingly admits Obama is right on the Nuke dump in yet another twist in his convoluted nuclear stance. (RGJ)
  • Governor, stung by his poor grades, plots final revenge on real scientists. (Sun)
  • Bill Raggio will become Nevada’s CEO if Brian Sandoval wins, pundit warns. (Barbwire) Whether that’s a step up from his current position of boss RINO, nobody knows.
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