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Opposite Man Has Negative Energy

Jim Gibbons brandinshing he new veto stampThis from a Watching Washington article on National Public Radio about Gubes with presidential mojo:

That’s more than can be said for another governor who was once a mentionee, Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Sanford’s marital meltdown was national news for his secret tryst in South America and his rambling televised confession. But he has scarcely been the only governor in the doghouse. Republican Jim Gibbons in Nevada recently reached a settlement with his wife of 23 years, who accused him of serial affairs, including one with a Playboy model.

Not many other governors can match that kind of publicity. But not many inspire the kind that makes governors into presidents, either. (NPR)

Naturally Gibbons is at the bottom of the article, as far from the presidency as possible. However, I still think he’d make a nifty VEEP-wannabe for the Sarah Palin campaign.

Man, what’s he doing with his new veto stamp??

Meanwhile, the Gube has checked the mansion’s couch for change and come up with some more money to through at K-12 education. (Gube) Natch, the Gov claims he’s “saved” education although it still faces 10% cuts. So, get rid of 12th grade and half of the 11th, and your done.

I’m guessing you’ll be hearing about lots of stuff Jim Gibbons is “saving” as the Re-elect Gibbons Special Session progresses.

I myself will be wearing earplugs over the next few days.

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