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Jim's Big Day

JIm Gibbons At The AirportI’m sure we all remember, fondly, Jim’s Night Out. Today will be remembered, perhaps as fondly, as Jim’s Big Day. No doubt the Guv expected this day of all days, this day of the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session, to be a day of triumph, wherein he cows the Legislature into crowning him Mr. No Taxes, thus anointing him–dare we use such words–the only gube-wannabe in the state to truly represent Nevada’s conservative core.

Alas, it was not to be. Witness:

  • Oh, you don’t remember Jim’s Night Out in which he allegedly attempted an unwanted grope on Chrissy Mazzeo? KLAS has posted Gibbons’ entire deposition gave in the suit Mazzeo filed against him. (KLAS) Yes, it’s as awful as you imagine. You are invited yet again to ponder how his testimony changes so much over time, and do please enjoy the “graphic-language” warning, cuz when Mormon boys go bad, they go shit-mouthed all the way.
  • The posting of the deposition alerted national media to note, belatedly, that Gibbons now claims a monk-like resistance to the lures of the flesh since at least 1995. (CBS) That’s assuming sexting doesn’t count, I’m guessing.
  • Did you know you can’t play footsie under a table if you’re wearing cowboy boots?
  • Did you know that your governor doesn’t know the meaning of the word “double entendre” despite being the living embodiment thereof? (HuffPo)
  • And then there’s the Airport incident. Nevadans no doubt wondered why things were so quiet up in Carson over the weekend. Well, the guv was over in Washington at the National Gube Association Winter Meeting. All very innocent, no? Well, somewhere along the way on the trip, the Lube Gube picked up Kathy Karrach, the women he texted–and maybe even sexted–about 3 bazillion times on his state phone. Now the Gov claims they met up in Vegas when he was meeting a, pardon the expression, connecting flight on Monday evening. Gibbons then gave her a ride home in the taxpayer funded Gube SUV, with a friendly state trooper at the wheel, chaperoning, I’m guessing. When asked about the incident, Gibbons first had to lie about it to the news media, prompting a half-hearted apology and the need for an emergency feather-smoothing session with “conservative bloggers,” whoever the hell they are. (KLAS)
  • Meanwhile, pre-session discussions between the guv and legislators broke down, presumably because he was still cranky from that exhausting plane ride home from DC. (RN&R,RGJ)
  • Oh, wait. The Review Journal says “Lawmakers and the governor seemed to be on their best behavior as the special session got under way.” Huh, I guess they missed Gibbons’ tirade against Raggio. But, hey, that’s the goofy RJ! [UPDATE: The RJ's story has gone missing, but, then again, their site is funkier than usual these days.]
  • The RJ is also apparently wrong about the gube amending the Special Session proclamation to include stuff like the Race to the Top revisions needed for Nevada to apply for Fed education funds. (INP) At least he won’t be doing that today, but, come on! It’s been such a Big Day!
  • [UPDATE: The Sun is now saying Karrach accompanied Gibbons on the trip to DC and that Gibbons paid for her ticket. (Sun) Gibbons originally insinuated that Karrach was only on the Vegas to Reno flight. Oh, who paid for Gibbons' ticket? You did, Nevada tax-payer!]
  • ['Nother UPDATE: Gibbons pulled some senior staff out of legislative meetings today because Legislators were being mean and threatening to make staffers cry. (Sun)]
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