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Is Gibbons Crazy Like A Fox?

Is it possible that Gibbons is a-fooling us all with his gaffe-o-matic style of leadership?

Could it be that he’s really like Reagan in that old Saturday Night Life sketch where Ronald Reagan acted like a befuddled granddad with a speech impediment when in public, but, behind the scenes, was a genius speaking multiple languages and orchestrating the end of the cold war and saving the world–like in right-winger fantasies?

Just consider: Michael Mishak notes that the Gov’s inclusion of a deadline for the Re-elect Gibbons Special Session in his rewrite of the agenda has angered legislators from both political parties. (Sun) They’re all upset cuz they think they are in charge.

Should they think again? Consider: Just before the special session Gibbons is “caught” transporting alleged 15-year-sexless-streak-busting paramour from the airport. First he lies about taking her with him to the DC winter meeting of the National Gube Association, then recants, but not before cursing out a member of the fourth estate. Then, he angers legislators with the completely unnecessary deadline. Add to that the Gov’s impossible agenda with its goofy education proposals. Most of that agenda had been already swept aside by most everyone in the Legislature by the second day of the session. (RJ) Then there’s the needless ruffling of Raggio’s feathers, making their meeting today no doubt especially delightful for all in attendance. (RJ) Next up, and we’re still only in day two, pictures of the Gube and the paramour on their little trip, posing with Skantard Mark Sanford no less, show up on the Internets. (8News)

What’s the one thing that seems to result from Gibbons’ continued goofiness? Why the very thing he’s been pushing from day one of the Reign of Terror: One Nevada. He’s united Nevada and the Legislature in ways it has never been united before: against him.

How else to get the Legislature to act quickly on budget bills? How else to unite them in a pledge of “no new taxes”? Except, of course, when they united for tax hikes in the regular session last year.

How else to herd cats except to get them all to agree that they are pissed off at you?

This hypothesis explains everything! The multiple swearing-ins, the texting, the divorce, everything. Gibbons has made himself into a universal object of disgust and bemusement. Note: universal. Everybody agrees, except a few folks in Incline Village hopped up on Geritol  and Fox News.

What’s the alternative? That Gibbons is entirely a random force, and the world consists of a completely pointless, unconnected conglomeration of random events, utterly meaningless and signifying nothing.

You pick.

Or, you can click on the picture and help Gibbons veto stuff, as he has already promised to do. My, how quickly that generated a veto proof majority, eh?

Ah, stupid internet graphics. How they soothe the existentially troubled soul.

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