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How Long Until Sandoval Concedes?

The Reno Gazette-Journal insists the Brian Sandoval is, finally, “ramping up” the campaign. (RGJ)

Well, he better hurry up. After the Guber’s fire and brimstone infomercial, his startling undermining of the spirit of campaign finance rules, and the endless divorce, Gibbons is on a media roll! He’ll keep his mug in the limelight throughout the special session, too.  Like folks staring at a trainwreck, we can’t look away.

Sandoval had better buy a clown suit and a fart machine quick, or just quit while he’s ahead.

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1 comment to How Long Until Sandoval Concedes?

  • Uncle Jake

    Interesting fact:
    Brian Sandoval can’t speak Spanish. Rory Reid speaks Spanish fluently.
    The decisive edge?