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Høøt The Gøøb Party!

Nevada Senate Majority Leader Steven Horford is having a Høøt the Gøøb party in Nor’Town during Nevada governor Jim Gibbons’ “emergency” state of the state (subtitled: time to move to Idaho!) speech this Monday.

Oh, okay, it’s not really called a “Høøt the Gøøb” party, but I’m sure the senator won’t mind some høøting during the speech.

What: Watch (and Høøt) the Gube’s State of the State speech.
Where: 3450 West Cheyenne Ave. Suite 100 Located in the “Cheyenne Business Park” North Las Vegas, NV  89032
Time:  Monday, Feb. 8th, 5:30-7:30pm

I’ll probably be tweeting the sots over at:

Thanks to IFartInUrGeneralDirection and for the sound effect.

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