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He Can Still Surprise Us

You know, that’s the wonderful gift of Jim Gibbons. Just when you think there is absolutely no way that something new or more bizarre could appear in the horrorshow of what historians will call, with a wry disbelieving shake of their heads, The Gibbons’ Term,” something incredibly batshit gonzo new shows up.

Tonight George Knapp gave us some truly awful tidbits from the secret life of Jim Gibbons that, you know, when you read about them, some little bit of yourself will die inside. For example,

  • Gibbons claims he hasn’t had sex with anyone since the 1990′s. If true–Jesus, did we really have to know about it? And if false–Jesus, what kind of mind would make up such a lie?
  • According to Wendy Hanley a putative pal of alleged Gibbons paramour Leslie Durant, Gibbons and Durant held assignations in a “Love Condo.” It’s just so nauseating and nauseatingly bourgeoisie at the same time.
  • Wendy claims she and Durant followed Gibbons around as he allegedly cheated on the woman he was cheating his wife on. (KLAS)

Man, am I gonna have nightmares tonight.

And, yet, he’s still the clear front-runner in the Nevada Gube GOP primary, bar none.

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1 comment to He Can Still Surprise Us

  • John

    These stories were being told because either Sandoval or the NO Taxes people all got together. This guy really is crazy. It is now like watching a bad game that was decided in the first quarter. Sandoval or Reid, please bring some sanity and compromise.