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Governor's Infomercial Rallies the Faithful!

Gibbons "The Gent" Hands Out the ChecksOkay, okay. Not really.

Let’s face it. There was absolutely no point to the so-called “state of the state” speech last night save to fill in the campaign-finance gap yawning between Gibbons and his well-financed opponent for the GOP primary, Brian “the quitter” Sandoval.

Hey, don’t get all upset at me for the cheap “quitter” shot. It’s in the official “state of the state” speech:

I will never surrender. I am not a quitter. (Sun)

Yeah, it looks like Gibbons is talking about himself, but, come on, get real. Yeah, yeah, all those divorces look like quitting, too, and the way Gibbons quit on the room tax increase he proposed may look like quitting, and giving up on all but the most right-wing pandering of policy proposals to run a back-to-the-wall campaign of panic and desperation may look like quitting, but well, us’n Nevada Republicans will just have to trust in the Gibbers that they’re not.

Ever the non-quitter, Gibbons sent out a plea for campaign funds just shortly after the infomercial.

That’s the way infomercial work, don’t they? You make your spiel than you pass the hat.

But, you gotta hurry to send in those nickels and dimes:

By Nevada law campaign contributions cannot be accepted the [sic] durring [sic] the15 [sic] days  before and after a special session. I ask you to please join me in fighting to protect Nevadans from more taxes that will prevent recovery. Please make your contribution before 5pm tomorrow to help me ensure that we can bring Nevada back to prosperity through economic development.

In other words: calling a special session during an infomercial designed to bolster the campaign had the unfortunate consequence of cutting into the Gube’s campaign contribution window. Some of the errrors [sic] in the message indicate, too, the usual thoughtful approach we’ve come to expect from Gibbons and the crack Governor’s staff/re-elect Jimbo team.

Meanwhile, the George Knapp exposé of the Gibbers’ diddlings now includes reports of Gibbons and his playgirl playing bagmen for a California developer:

Wendy [Jimbo's playgirl gal pal] testified that she accompanied Durant on perhaps a dozen trips — some to northern California but most to San Diego. Wendy says they would go to California every other week.

“She was going down there to take care of some business,” she said. “For Jim Gibbons.”

Wendy testified that she did not know the nature of the business for certain, but that on a few occasions she saw business people the pair met slip envelopes or packages to Leslie.

On just a few occasions, she saw what was in the packages — money. On one occasion, she says there was a gym bag of money in the car as they drove back to Nevada.

“I said, ‘Why do you have this kind of money?’ She said, ‘I can’t talk about it. We just need to get it back to Jimmy,’” she said.

Mazaros testified that only on one occasion did she see money transferred from Leslie to Gibbons. She says it happened outside of Adele’s Restaurant in Carson City. (LVNow)

This stuff was going on sometime in the period after Gibbons had left the Assembly and before he ran for Congress. Still, it would be interesting to know how close to the congressional campaign these money transfers took place, and if they were used for that campaign, whether they were ever reported.

If however the money was just used to finance the Gibbons’ household, then they should be on a tax return somewheres, no?

Finally, one feller who ain’t buying Gibbons’ claim that his been as celibate as St. Francis since the 1990′s is David McKee:

Midnight Jim must have a will of iron; I’ve seen him in action at Nevada Hospitality & Lodging Association shindig at MGM Grand, and he was catnip to the ladies. Ten-plus years of celibacy must be a heavy crucifix to bear, governor, especially with all those lovelies flocking to his side. [...]

The KLAS story, which alludes to a “love condo” in San Diego may explain a recent one-day constitutional crisis set off by a secret trip Gibbons took to California (so top-hush he didn’t even tell his staff). As reported at the time in S&G, since Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki also had business out of state, that made state Sen. Mike Schneider (D) governor for a day. The Democratic-dominated Lege could have passed all manner of mischief and sent it to Schneider for John Hancock but Schneider, being a responsible solon, let it be known there’d not be any such hijinks. (S&G)

Picturing Gibbons as “catnip for the ladies” is something I could have lived without.

Much easier picturing him as a void, or a ø:

“This is a sad day for Nevada. The consequences of this budget crisis will take a severe toll on our families and our businesses. But this situation is a result of the void of leadership in the governor’s office. The failure to develop any strategy for diversifying our economy – even in the face of global recession, brought us to this day.” (RR)

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