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Governor Misses Yet Another Opportunity to Dazzle

You’re governor and mine, one James Tiberius Gibbons, was, among other things, sending out a press release touting his Education Gift Certificate today. (Sun,Gube)

Now, most folks think that certificate is a stupid and degrading idea and wonder if the Gube is going to suggest one for, say, DETR next. (KTVN) Not me. As a Registered Nevada Republican, I’m in favor of privatizing everything! Firefighters, the Air Force, and even the IRS! Yep, there won’t be any of those 100K+ firefighter salaries if you contract out for your fire department–at the time of the fire, naturally. Who ya gonna call! Goldman Sachs Fire Busters!

Hmm. Say, those firefighters will be getting taxpayer funded bonuses instead.

But, I digress.

My real problem with the certificate is that it’s so BORING! Go have a look at the thing. Looks like something glued together by a third grader fer craps sake.

Folks, if you want people to get on board with your loony ideas, you gotta do what the Madison avenue boys do when they have to sell stuff like hemorrhoid creme and toenail fungus remover: you gotta jazz it up!

So, for your consideration, I offer you the Jim Gibbons “BUCK YOU” EDU-BUCK!

Yup, while you’re standing in line at the DMV for three hours and sharing the budget pain with legislators (thanks, guys and gals!) you can buy a Jim Gibbons Edu-Buck. Then, raise it up in the air and say “Buck You, Jim!”

While you’re doing that, buy another! Then, raise it up and say “Buck You, Steve, for wanting to close our parks!”

Don’t stop there ! Buy another for a buck and tell every elected official in Nevada “Buck you, too!” Buy one for Steve Wynn, and Sheldon Adelson, too, and all our Canadian friends at Barrick Mining! Tell ‘em all “Buck You!”

Pretty soon, we’ll have them schools all paid for and then some!

Course, this is just a prototype. Though, I wouldn’t say no if the state handed me a hundred grand or so for the design. Call me guys!

And I’m warning you do NOT click on the picture of our governor on that Edu-Buck. You’ll only have yourself to blame.

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