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Gibbons Orders Up New Veto Stamp

Jim Gibbons New Veto StampNews is out that in the new spirit of cooperation blowing through Carson City like a snow drift, Jim Gibbons has ordered up a new veto stamp with which to crush that spirit like an egg shell during the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session. (Sun)

Of course, all you fiscal conservatives might be wondering why Jimbo can’t simply re-use the old one. It’s sitting over in state archives with only 48 vetos on it. How used up could it be?

Shoot, they’ll probably be shutting down the archives with all the parks and other public buildings pretty soon, so why not just send it back to the Gube? They’ll just have to dump the rest of that old Nevada stuff in the trash I guess. Or maybe sell any old copies of the state constitution to folks needing to line their parakeet cages.

Anyways, to the right is an “artist’s” rendition of the new veto stamp. It might help spice up the session, at least for the Gube.

And put the rest of us in the right frame of mind.

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