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Gibbons Opens Campaign Headquarters and Other Gøøblets

  • Jim Gibbons Campaign HeadquartersJames Tiberius Gibbons will be opening up the official campaign HQ in Carson on Saturday March 6, 5-7pm. It’s at 305 N. Carson Street, Suite 200, Carson City. (INP) No news yet about whether the campaign will be able to pony up for a Vegas site, or even if they’ll want one.
  • To the right (yours, not mine) is an “artist’s” rendition of the site. The desolation really speaks to the Gibbons’ core, trust me.
  • Hope they send me a yard sign. I’d be proud to set it up in the Monger front yard right on up through the primary, me being a dedicated RIRO and all.
  • Meanwhile, mean old Brian Sandoval and his evil puppet Bill Raggio have been picking on the Gov. Raggio floated a bizarre plan to sell state buildings and then lease them back at the Interim Finance Committee meeting Thursday. (RJ) It was unclear if the proposal would actually generate any funds for the state so the idea was set aside for the present. Say, isn’t there some guest rooms behind the Guv’s mansion that have recently opened up? They could rent those out, seems to me.
  • Raggio claimed he got the idea from Gibbons’ primary rival Sandoval, which prompted the Gube to think it is a really bad. (RJ) Gibbons called the plan impulsive and short-sighted, and, Lord knows, nobody knows impulsive and short-sighted like the Guv.
  • Sandoval replied: “I believe the vast majority of Nevadans will think my idea is better than raising more than $100 million in new taxes, laying off thousands of teachers, and cutting vital programs for foster children, mental health patients, and senior citizens — all of which the governor is planning to do.” Well, they might think better of it if it actually filled in all the budget holes, which it doesn’t. So we can probably expect Sandoval to go after the state paid Polygrip and Depends if he ever finds time to get back to his budget. (INP,BriansBlog) Still, the mere fact that Sandoval’s paying Gibbons any mind at all during what’s supposed to be the pre-anointment period of his campaign indicates that the governor’s taxpayer funded infomercial and the upcoming Re-elect Gibbons Special Session have the Anointed One a bit worried. Take heart, RIROs! We’ll get Gibbons through the primary yet!
  • UPDATE: Jim Gibbons blinks when seniors, a core group essential to the Re-elect Gibbons’ Juggernaut, protest the loss of state-paid Dentugrip and leakless underoos. (Sun) Gibbons needs to be more like Steven Horsford: Cut the state parks. The Gibbons’ core hates state parks, except as maybe a place to kill large mammals in.
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