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Jim Gibbons Disappoints the Core

Jim Gibbons: Heart BreakerNevada Republicans in Registration Only (RIRO’s) felt abandoned by the Gibbons’ campaign as news leaked out that–now brace yourself folks–Gibbons supports RAISING FEES to help fill budget gaps. (Sun,NVProgressive)

It didn’t take long for the pseudo-Republicans up at Nevada News? and Views to pile on, squealing, as Popeye might say, like infinks, that fees are taxes, mostly. (NN?&N) Why they even feign surprise that Gibbons would break his solemn oath not to raise fees/taxes and trot out a pic of the Gube signing that no tax pledge thing. (NN?&V) Well, like Dawn, us’n RIROs and the NN?&V kids have had to learn what it means to crawl into bed with Gibbons.

It’s all heart break and broken promises. And, if the Guv’s not lying, not even sex since the 90′s.

Still, us’n RIROs know Jim Gibbons is the best the Nevada GOP has to offer up in the primary this year. It’s just that we wish Jimbo would help us out a little more with getting him into the general.

And it’s official, Gibbons has canceled the fund raiser on Feb. 17th because he’ll be proclaiming the special session on the 16th according to Ralston’s Flash. Apparently even the Gøøber didn’t dare holding off another day or two. You see, the proclamation will actually contain what the Guv is asking the Legislature to do: it’s the official agenda of items which they have to act on. Even Gibbons seems to think he has to give Legislators at least a week head’s up about what they’re supposed to be doing.

Elsewhere: Rory Reid is officially opening campaign offices in Las Vegas and Reno on Tuesday, Feb. 16th at 5pm.

  • Las Vegas: 4350 S. Arville Unit 26, Las Vegas NV 89103.
  • Reno: 1755 Plumb Ln. #120, Reno NV, 89503.
  • RSVP.
  • Nevada Conservation League endorses Reid for Governor. (INP)

Oh, and the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session will cost $150,000 to set up and $50,000 a day. That’s a lot of tax dollars for a Gøøb infomercial, ain’t it? (Fox5) Especially if legislators were correct in claiming a special session isn’t really necessary.

[Update: Has the Gøøb lost his mind? He's now saying removing mining tax deductions isn't a tax hike! (SlashPol). Dan Burns, Gibbons' spokester, even said: “Mining gets special treatment in this state.” Holy crap! I just saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse!]

Oh, wait. It was only a teabag walkin’.

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