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Gibbons Declares Martial Law: Plans Invasion of Utah

Napolean Bonaparte GibbonsOh, okay. He hasn’t declared martial law, and he’s saving the invasion of Utah for some time closer to the primary.

Nope, the Guv has, in the fine tradition of government minimalists throughout time, declared a “emergency” wherein normal government functions come to a screeching halt and he gets to impose all sorts of mandates without anyone, whether Legislator, citizen or Judge, being able to do one damn thing about it.

Here’s what the guv’s doing with his new emergency powers:

1. All Departments shall eliminate all travel that is not related to the core mission of performing the job, health, life and safety of the employee or the public. This includes all training not directly related to maintaining the certification necessary to perform the core mission of the position Department. Any travel not paid by the State is exempt. Fee paid travel is considered paid by the State.
2. All Departments shall eliminate all overtime that is not directly related to the core mission of performing thejob, health, life and safety of the employees or of the public. Every supervisor shall provide to the Department Head or assigned designee written documentation of any overtime accrued. The documentation shall illustrate how the overtime was directly related to those parameters. Any overtime accrued within the enforcement staff of the Departments of Public Safety, Corrections, Gaming, Wildlife and Industrial Relations shall be assumed to be directly related to those parameters. The Department of Administration’s Audit Division shall randomly conduct overtime audits within those divisions in order to assess compliance with this directive.
3. Effective Central Payroll PP2O (March 8,2010). no request to accelerate a salary of a new or promoted
employee will be approved by the Department of Personnel until further notice.
4. Effective Central Payroll PP2O (March 8,2010), all temporary adjustments to salaries (+5%). with the
exception of those legislatively mandated, will be rescinded until further notice. Please contact your human
resource representative to ensure compliance with all requirements necessitated by this change.
5. Given the potential of involuntary terminations and their associated regulations, I direct a hiring freeze be
implemented. (Gube via Sun)

It’s always the guys spouting stuff like “We must accept that limiting government means expanding personal responsibility” who become the tin-horn autocrats, ain’t it?

Meanwhile, it looks like the Guv is giving up on the fund raiser he had planned for Feb. 17th. He will officially declare the special session on the 16th, which means, according to the Nevada Revised Statutes, he can’t raise money on “the day after.”

Unless, I suppose, the budget emergency allows him to ignore all state laws now, too.

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