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Gibbons Can Win The Primary!

The political world is abuzz over news that Jim Gibbons is within striking distance of Brian Sandoval in the Nevada GOP Goobernatorial primary race.

Well, maybe not abuzz. Mildly interested, perhaps.

According to a poll funded by Gibbons’ old pals the Retailers Association of Nevada (RAN), Gibbons in within 6 percentage points of Gibbons-wannabe Brian Sandoval:

Gibbons: 32%

sandoval 38%

other guy 9% (Sun)

My fellow RIROs for Gibbons will be especially pleased. Sure, that taxpayer-funded infomercial called the State of the State may have helped, and the taxpayer-funded Re-elect Gibbons Special Session may just seal the deal, but we RIRO’s know it was our unflagging support for Gibbons that will get him into the general.

After all, according to the poll, most people did NOT watch the State of the State Gibbons’ infomercial. Seinfeld re-runs being much more entertaining and all.

The poll also notes that both Gibbons and Rory Reid are “upside down” in terms of voter favor. That means more Nevadans view them unfavorably than favorably. Sandoval, however, is “rightside up,” meaning more folks who know him view him favorably than otherwise.

And yet, Gibbons is catching up.

What happens when the Gibbons’ campaign starts going negative? Assuming anyone would notice, since the campaign doesn’t have any funds to get the message out, I mean?

Still, the poll notes the obvious: Gibbons is the weakest candidate against Rory Reid, proving again that the RIRO plan is sound. So, why aren’t you RIRO?

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