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Favorite Friday Quotes From The Re-elect Gibbons Special Session

First up: news that Gibbons is still within striking distance of Brian Sandoval, with Gibbons at 30% and Sandoval at a measly 37%. But hey could even an ax murderer do as well?

University of Nevada, Reno political science professor Eric Herzik expressed surprise “at that much of a gain” for Gibbons, especially after the governor was caught on videotape earlier this week lying about whether a woman with whom he has been accused of having an affair had accompanied him on a trip to Washington, D.C.

The governor’s courting of “the most conservative wing of the party” appears to have paid off, Herzik said. “I think that’s the boost he’s gotten. For a third of the Republican party, no new taxes is the only thing they care about.”

Gibbons “could be an ax murderer” as long as he doesn’t raise taxes, Herzik said. (RJ)

So, so, true.


[The Re-elect Gibbons Special Session] could have been so quick, but: This session should not have lasted more than 48 hours, and both branches are at fault for it extending into the weekend. The problem is relatively simple: Find a way to fill an $871 million hole. They have known the general size for weeks and should have been able to come up with a combination of cuts and fees/taxes (what’s in a name?).

Why didn’t they? One word: Politics.

The governor saw an opportunity to burnish his leadership bona fides while also larding the proclamation with stuff that had no business in a session that should have dealt only with the budget. Period. No education system overhaul, no water rights court decision overturn. If those are needed, call a separate session or wait until next year. (Sun)

“Burnish leadership bona fides”? Can you burnish something you don’t have?

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