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The Incredible Two-Headed Teabagger!

Jim Gibbons: The Incredible Two-Headed Teabagger!Astounding the medical establishment that helped get him elected, Governor Jim Gibbons apparently grew a second head today.

The second head, as soon as it appeared, started contradicting everything the first head said.

For example, the first head said it would increase class sizes in state schools and work to get rid of all day kindergarten. Today, the second denied both and claimed a special fund would be created to provided full day kindergarten to schools that wanted it.

How exactly that would be a savings, the second head wouldn’t say. Neither would the first. (Sun,INP,RJ)

Gibbons’ spokesfolk refused to say if the Governor would keep the second head because it allows him to text and nap at the same time.

Meanwhile, Assembly Spokester Barbara Buckley trotted out a boatload of proposals for fixing budget holes without education cuts. (Sun,INP)

The Gube responded by refusing to allow Legislators access to departmental budgets of state agencies, saying something to the effect that too much information is dangerous and that answering questions keeps state employees from the main job: covering the Gube’s ass. (Sun,INP)

Gibbons also noted he would devise a special category for Legislator requests: “Requests for information that warrant a response, but that do not require prompt attention will be put into a low priority file.”

In other words, it’s been a pretty normal day at the Carson Gube mansion.

By the way, Ralston is flashing that Brian Sandoval, the Man Who Would Be Gibbers, has raised about $900,000 for his Gube race, probably twice as much as Gibbons and the guy who was once mayor of some backwater will report together. The ex-mayor was apparently unhappy at the news.

RIROs! We need you now more that ever!

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