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The Incredible Gube!

Jim Gibbons - The Incredible Gube!Yes! All RIROs and the desiccated Gibbons-core from Incline Village and environs North sing the praises of the New Gibbons!

Well, it’s not so much that he’s new. It’s just that he’s SO desperate, he’s unleashed the inner-Gibbons like he’s never released him before, except maybe in that parking garage near McCormick and Schmick’s.

It’s as if his unpopularity and general gaffe-iness have penetrated the Governor like gamma-rays and finally unleashed…THE INCREDIBLE GUBE.

True, some pundits are looking at the Governor’s education proposals with that WTF stare that the Guv so easily elicits. (Sun,Eyeball) Of course it would be difficult to pass any one of those proposals, except the one about teacher evaluations needed for the fed stimulus money, during a 120 day regular session. So, yes, a year ahead of the next legislative session would appear to be the dumbest possible time to talk about such things. Yes, yes yes, it would make much more sense for Gibbons to be talking to the Interim Finance Committee about stuff they could do NOW to deal with the budget, rather than making proposals that a largely different bunch of people will be looking at in 2011. The legislature will be full of new and shifted faces and, most likely, there will be a new governor. So, clearly, Gibbons is not trying to fundamentally shift gears in his administration by actually setting policy.

So, naturally to the uninitiated, Gibbons looks completely batshit crazy.

But the fetid Gibbons’ core in Incline Village get it and we RIROs get it and Ralston may have some glimmer of it: Gibbons has nothing to lose while everybody else does. So why not take off your shirt and pull a Hulk?

Gibbons’ primary opponents know it’s working too. They’re falling over themselves trying to woo the nuts as only Gibbons can. I keep reading about how the anointed Sandoval will win the Republican primary, but what I see right now is a pathetic candidate desperately trying to become a wannabe-Gibster. Where has Sandoval had a major disagreement on Gibbons on policy? Granted, “Gibbons” and “policy” aren’t terms that comfortably sit together in a sentence, but still, how is the anointed one different? He likes the Gube’s general handling of the budget, he likes the the Gibbers’ GOP-talking-point idea of challenging health care reform on constitutional grounds, and look what Sandoval said about the Gube’s educational proposals:

“While I’m an advocate of school choice, expanding empowerment schools and increased parental involvement, I believe it is an extremely bad idea to be laying off hundreds of teachers in a time of record unemployment in Nevada.” Translation: “I like what you’ve done here, governor, or at least will pretend to, but I can’t really say that, so I will use the layoff angle to try to sound reasonably conservative and make you look kooky conservative.” (Sun)

Thanks to Mr. Ralston for the helpful translation.

And wasn’t that lame, lame, lame? Clearly Mr. Sandoval just doesn’t understand what the Republican primary is all about. He’s running for the office of “kooky conservative,” and the sooner he learns it, the better his chances.

In the primary, of course. In the general, well, who the hell wants a kooky conservative as governor? We already know what that’s like.

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