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Teabagger Cloning Goes Horribly Awry!

Run Mr. Rufles! Run!

Jealous of the inexplicable attraction Guv Jim Gibbons has over the teabaggin’ northern core of the Republican party, Brian Sandoval continued his efforts to make himself look even more like a clone of the Gibbers by grinding some half-hearted budget cuts through a word-processor and casting the pathetic pearls before the unsympathetic wingers. (Sun,RJ)

Crack Re-elect Gibbers staffers immediately set out to prove that despite their looniness, Sandoval’s proposals still lacked the true perversity of the real thing. (Sun) They made a good point, too, since Gibbons spent yet another day trying to clarify that he really didn’t mean what he said in his first proposal, drafted so long ago as it was. Sometime last week.

Indeed, well-known Marxist-Leninist rabble-rouser and legislator Bill Raggio was able to pry the admission for a hapless Gube staffer that, well, they can’t be bothered with details, details being something legislators have to deal with as they–details, not legislators–tend to interfere with the Governor’s naps. (RJ)

Now, a little earlier on, I mentioned that it was the re-elect Gibbers staff that was reviewing the Judge’s proposals. Surely actual state employees were not wasting precious tax-payer money reviewing the Judge’s proposals, right? As neither a Gube nor a Legislator, Mr. Sandoval’s proposals have as much standing as, well, mine would. I suppose he could go to one of those legislative meetings and hand it around–and then legislators could use it to roll joints or whatever it is they do with citizen proposals. Otherwise, state staff shouldn’t be wasting work time reading them. They can read them between playing Mafia Wars and watching YouTubes of Conan O’brien during lunch, like the rest of us.

In any case, the Award for Most Whiny and Most Ironical Gube Staffer just has to go to Robin Reedy for this:

“I’m tired of their partisanship in not releasing ideas and not giving us ideas,” Reedy said. “They criticize us in the newspapers, but they don’t sit at this table and tell us how they want to tweak it to make it better.” (NN?B)

“Their” being the Legislature, I suppose. If she actually gets tuckered out by partisanship, she must have trouble keeping herself awake on a momentary basis, especially at those times she’s talking. And as far as I can tell, the only way to “tweak” a Gibbons’ proposal would require a sledge hammer–with a thermonuclear device welded to it.

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