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SandogibbonsI take absolutely no responsibility for today’s pic. If you must blame someone, blame Jon Ralston for coining the term “Sandogibbons” in one of those flash-thingies.

“Sandogibbons” is the tortured creation of the Rory Reid campaign designed to make Nevadans think Brian Sandoval is just some kind of Jim Gibbons’ clone, sez Ralston.

Gibbons works the pole.Well it won’t work, nefarious Reid campaign staff! Us’n Nevada RIRO’s know the difference! Brian Sandoval is some kind of Rockefeller Republican who will never ever appeal to the shriveled heart of the jaded Nevada Republican! Only Jimbo will fulfill our visceral need to drown all state services in Norquist’s bathtub!

Just look at Gibbons working the pole for the ladies at the Fernley Republican Women’s meeting! Why, they can’t resist him, bumping and grinding and shouting “no new taxes!” Why, Sandoval doesn’t stand a chance.

….Oh my God! Those horrible Sandogibbons’ eyes keep staring at me! Make them stop! Please MAKE THEM STOP!!!

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2 comments to Sandogibbons

  • john

    Sandoval is nothing like Gibbons. He maybe a RINO, but Rory is going to go down with his Daddy. I think all incumbents are facing an uphill battle.

  • Scorpiogal

    Yikes!!! I think I need a Klonopin AND a martini after lookin’ at that composite pic. Ok. OK. I know, I know. Gibbons and booze don’t mix.