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Rory Reid Responds to Gibbons' Idiotic Education Proposals

Crazy enough to be Republican!That title didn’t seem too biased, did it?

Here’s what Rory Reid had to say:

On the governor’s plan, released today:

“If the governor really cared about education, he would have been talking about these issues during the two legislative sessions he’s been in office. Now that his back is up against the wall and his own political future is at risk, all he has done is taken an old right-wing playbook down off the shelf, blown the dust off and written a press release. Clearly he hasn’t spoken to any experts or looked for any new ideas – he’s using ideologically-driven talking points from a day gone by.”

On class size:

“I’m running for governor but I’m also a parent, and I’d rather have my child in a classroom with 19 other children rather than 50. Everyone recognizes that teaching works better with more individual attention. It’s not just research that supports smaller class sizes, it’s also common sense. To suggest that doubling class sizes will somehow solve our education problem is absurd.”

On collective bargaining:

“If the governor has an issue with labor costs, he needs to speak to the people involved. Collective bargaining is not the problem. We need leadership. In my experience when you ask people to sit down at the table, at the end of the day they are usually willing to work together to get things done. That’s been my experience in Clark County. The governor skipping that step to the detriment of educators shows nothing but disrespect for people who have dedicated their lives to the public good.”

Don’t get me wrong, though. Gibbons is still the best candidate in the Republican Gube primary because his views best reflect the ugly heart that beats deep within the core. And because he thinks Nevadans are whiny:

It’s time to stop whining that education in Nevada doesn’t work because of lack of funding.  We need to quit throwing money at programs which have not accomplished their stated purposes despite two decades of funding. (Gube)

That means YOU, Mister and Missus Whiny Nevadan! How dare you think Nevada ever threw money at anything, except casinos and foreign mining companies and phones on which the Gube can text his sweety??

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1 comment to Rory Reid Responds to Gibbons’ Idiotic Education Proposals

  • Rory Reid running a county where Fireman average 118K a year pay and a huge deficit. hmmmmmm, and he criticizes the Gov for not sitting down to work things out? Glass house, stone on the way back.