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Representation ad valorem

Some o’ dem old science fictiony books get ahead of themselves.

Take The Space Merchants by Frederick Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth. In that novel, advertising is presumed to take over every facet of American and global life. Yawn–been there, done that, right?

However, there is one passage in which P&K discuss what is now the fashionable concept of ad valorem representative democracy:

Our representative government now is perhapse more representative that it has ever been before in history. It is not necessarily representative per capita, but is most surely is ad valorem. If you like philosophical problems, here is one for you: should each human being’s vote register alike, as the lawbooks pretend and as some say the founders of our nation desired? Or should a vote be weighed according to the wisdom, the power, and the influence–that is, the money–of the voter? That is a philosophical problem for you, you understand; not for me. I am a pragmatist. (TSM. p. 12)

So, there ya go! If you were concerned about the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow alien entities called “corporations” to trump the votes of mere human beings, why, just think of it as ad valorem representation. Doesn’t that sound better? Gee, it sounds like it’s full of values! Like family values! Or Republican values!

Welcome to the United Monied Aristocracy of America!

And check out how the future of Obama speechifying will work out from via the Fix.

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