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Nevada RIROs! Draft Bath!

Disconcerting news leaked from the Gibbons for Gube campaign juggernaut today. The campaign’s interim manager Ron Bath is not, repeat not, a registered member of the Nevada Republican party! Unlike yours truly, he won’t even be voting for the Gibbers in the Republican primary!

“I guess I’m kind of a real conservative Democrat,” Bath said.

Bath cited former Nevada Gov. Mike O’Callaghan as a reference point for his own political views.

“That’s the kind of Democrat I am, I guess that’s why I like Jim Gibbons,” he said.

When asked whether he would change his registration in order to cast a ballot for Gibbons in the Republican primary Bath said: “I’ll vote for him in the general.” (RJ)

Startling news! These facts place all sorts of doubts as to the gravitas of the campaign. Does Mr. Bath have the true Nevada Republican values of great leaders like John Ensign, Sharron Angle, Ty Cobb, Jr., Sarah Palin, and, last but certainly not least, Jim Gibbons? Will Bath be able to lead the campaign to its almost certain conclusion, let alone get the Goober past the primary?

No, my friends, I think not. Not unless Mr. Bath changes his voter registration to REPUBLICAN and he becomes a Nevada RIRO!

My dear friends, call or write Mr. Bath today and beg him, nay, plead with him to become a Nevada RIRO:

Ron Bath
(703) 919-5193


  • In a rather non-surprising move, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has abandoned his non-campaign as a non-partisan against the non-governor. (Sun) We look forward to Mr. Goodman throwing his support behind Gibbons to help the Gube squeak passed the primary. Um, then again, that might scare away the loyal northern vote. Okay, endorse Brian Sandoval, Mr. Goodman!
  • Gibbons will be terrorizing the airways with his barn-burning speechifying pyrotechnics in a State of the State speech. We’re promised that the Oh-So-Unexpected Re-elect Gibbons Special Session of the Legislature will be announced during  the SOTS. (Sun,SlashPol) Frankly, given the current state of the state, the Gube should place an emergency ban on the sale of cyanide pills and small weapons to avoid mass suicides during the speech. Still, I’m sure this special session will be as enjoyable as was the Cover-Up the Text Messages one, or the Cover-Up the Bunny-Groping one. Wouldn’t it be strange if there were a special session called for, you know, actual policy reasons?
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2 comments to Nevada RIROs! Draft Bath!

  • texex

    Goober is getting easier and easier to track. Just follow the fresh turds that have footprints in them….

    Not! Mayor Goodman said at his
    press conference that he’s never
    played second “fiddle”. And
    he is not going to start now.
    That’s what he said.
    So that appears to lay to
    rest the rumor about Cashell
    and Goodman running as a non-
    partisan GOV/LT GOV tandem