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Mr. No-Pants Has Empty Pockets

Teabagger Has Empty PocketsOr nearly so, as far as campaign contributions go.

The Governor’s campaign finance report finally made its way to the Secretary of State’s office and the wretched website wherein reports go to die of boredom and loneliness.

The Gube brought in $165,000 but has spent $130,000 already, most of which he went to his ex-campaign manager. (Sun) You know, the one he had to fire for calling the First Lady of Nevada window-dressing. This means Gibbons lags behind all other candidates for Gube, even that guy from that Vegas suburb with all the foreclosures.

Gibbons will be on Vegas TeeVee tomorrow morning. You can submit questions over at Fox5.

Keep the faith, RIROs! Surely he won’t be announcing his withdrawal from the race, will he?

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1 comment to Mr. Nø-Pants Has Empty Pøckets

  • ScandalPerson,
    Keep up the great reporting.
    But I have to admit that this ubiquitous
    this piling on by just about everybody..
    almost has me feeling sorry for the Goob.
    Maybe he will win via the sympathy vote.


    By the way.. doesn’t that
    EtrippGate operation still
    owe him a few bucks for his