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Money Reports Leave Governor Needing Medic, Aid

Teabagger Jim Gibbons is Money PressedWord is out that Rory Reid has raised, with a little help from funds transferred from earlier campaigns, somewheres around $3.3 million dollars for his Gube run. (Sun) The usual suspects threw money into the coffers: the big casinos and goldmines owned by foreigners. (RJ)

Crippled by the size of the money chests gathered against him–Sandoval the Anointed pulled together over $900,000–the Governor has decided to make the poor suffer along with him. Thus, he floated the idea today that Nevada should stop paying Medicaid. (Sun)

Clearly the proposal is a stroke of genius and can only infuriate his Republican rival (yep, that’s pretty much singular, alrighty). The proposal will no doubt raise shouts of “Hosanna!” from the Incline Village choir and energize the base Gibbons’ base.

One wonders, however, just how much wingnutty capital the Gube can expend. How far can he go with these inflammatory proposals to woo the core? A gubernatorial mandate to stop social security payments in the state? Shut off unemployment checks? Privatize fire departments?

Oh, crap! I hope I haven’t given the crack Gube staff/re-election committee any ideas!

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