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Jimbo's Still Got It!

Jimbo's Still Got It! Whatever That Is!Shew! Looks like Jimbo Gibbons is still in the Gube race. Despite having blown his load–campaign money I mean–on his now ex-campaign manager and soldiering on without any manager in sight, Gibbons said today that he’s still in it. (Fox5)

And, boy howdy, IS he still in it! Along the way Gibbons ended up throwing his support to none other than John “Screw the Help” Ensign, known for screwing the help in more ways than one.

Jimbo described Ensign’s sexual harassment of an employee and then paying her and the hubby off to cover it up like this:

John’s a wonderful friend and I believe in his heart he was doing what he thought was right. And it’s unfortunate that it crossed maybe a line or two (Fox5)

Ah, yes, maybe a line or two. But just maybe, mind you. In Jimboland, you don’t cross the line even if you threaten your date with rape and a slap or two. Oh, and don’t forget the cover-up. It doesn’t count without a cover-up.

And then the Gube calls up this principle of American justice:

But in this day and age, you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. Let’s not jump to conclusions about it.

Now you historians take a deep breath before you get going about that “this day and age.” The presumption of innocence goes back to 1895 in the U.S. and maybe back to Deuteronomy. (TalkLeft) But besides that, in Jimboland that presumption doesn’t hold if your Obama talking about Vegas or Harry Reid talking about healthcare.

But, hey, Gibbons wouldn’t be Gibbons if he weren’t talking out of both sides of his head at once. Let us RIROs just be content that Jimbo’s still in the race!

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