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Gibbons Snubs Lowden; Threatens Primary Winner

Jim Gibbons assured anyone who would listen that Nevada airports are safe, sharply contradicting the views of Senator-wannabe Sue Lowden, who claimed:

“It’s frightening right now to be on a plane. It is frightening, and I look over my shoulder myself. But this is the nature of the world we live in right now. Security is a huge issue.” (RJ)

No justification was immediately available for the discord between the candidates, except for the fact that they are desperately scratching for any meaningless catch-phrase and/or “gotcha” stunt to capture the fickle hearts of the Republican core and thus were bound to happen on conflicting views eventually.

Elsewhere, the Governor made the most serious and frightening threat possible against any of his opponents. He said during a Desecrate-Lincoln breakfast in Ely:

“Regardless of the outcome of the primary, I will stand with the GOP nominee 110%” (Sun)

No doubt this simple line sent a cruel chill down the necks of Mr. Sandoval and the other guy, visions of an overwhelming loss in the general flashing before their eyes. It’s astounding that they didn’t drop their campaigns on the spot.

And we’ll no doubt be seeing more of that 110% kind of math in the Gube’s campaign contribution report, which was mailed at the last possible moment so as to be unavailable until next week. I’m guessing we’ll see the Gube announcing an invasion of Idaho or a call to privatize police forces as a cover up of the disappointing funds in the Gibbons’ campaign kitty.

Think it’ll be more than $27.50?

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1 comment to Gibbons Snubs Lowden; Threatens Primary Winner

  • texex

    Ralston just reported the state repugs only took in $103k for the entire year of ’09 so I’ll take the under here. At least Goober has the bunker (anyone remember that?) to run into when Utah (not ID) invades.