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Dawn Fills Gube Vacuum

Dawn After a Visit from the Luv GuvAt Sheep Dip, anyways. Unfortunately Nevada’s own blackhole is still officially gube.

Dawn took over the introductory video usually filled by Nevada’s sitting, or napping, Governor, after Gibbons had a snit about the content of a skit about his ability to wield a veto stamp. You can see it over at Random Thoughts From Reno because the original from the Reno Gazette-Journal has gone missing.

The pic is from the Daily Sparks Tribune. The depiction of Dawn as a beaten wife, in a “wife-beater” shirt no less, reminded me of a comment I got on a post long, long ago. I wrote:

Now, this [the divorce] hits the Incline Village core where they live. All those moneyed wives fearful of being replaced by the next trophy wife will feel Dawn’s pain and might hesitate to write wife-beater Jim those hefty campaign checks.

So, I got this as a comment:

“wife-beater Jim”….I don’t recall reading anything like that before….even writing about a public person, you may be crowding a legal line. FYI I like your blog best when it sticks to cynacyism (sp) surrounding facts.

Well, I changed the phrasing a little bit to assuage my fans, but, I suppose, in mudslinging as in most things, timing is everything.

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